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A right circular cone with the radius of its base r, its height h, its slant height c and its angle θ. A cone is a three-dimensional geometric shape that tapers smoothly from a flat base (frequently, though not necessarily, circular) to a point called the apex or vertex . A cone is formed by a set of line segments, half-lines, or lines ...网页cone /kəʊn/ CET6+ TEM4 ( cones ) 1.N-COUNT A cone is a shape with a circular base ending in a point at the top. 圆锥体. 2.N-COUNT A cone is the fruit of a tree such as a pine or fir. (松树、冷杉等的) 球果. 3.N-COUNT A cone is a thin, cone-shaped biscuit that is used for holding ice cream. You can also refer to ice cream that you ...

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Cone Programming(CP) 我们继续第四类问题——Conic Programming(CP)。在讲CP之前,我们有必要澄清一下什么是cone 。一、Cone Definition: A set bold{chi} is said to be a Cone if for all xin chi, theta xin chi, for all thetage 0. 所以如果 x 是一个2维x ...A cone in an Euclidean space is a set K consisting of half-lines emanating from some point 0, the vertex of the cone. The boundary ∂ K of K (consisting of half-lines called generators of the cone) is part of a conical surface, and is sometimes also called a cone. Finally, the intersection of K with a half-space containing 0 and bounded by a ...

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网页In maths, a cone is defined as a distinctive three-dimensional geometric figure with a flat and curved surface pointed towards the top. The term "cone" is derived from the Greek word "konos", which means a wedge or a peak. The pointed end is the apex, whereas the flat surface is called the base. The three main properties of a cone are ...Cone. A (finite, circular) conical surface is a ruled surface created by fixing one end of a line segment at a point (known as the vertex or apex of the cone) and sweeping the other around the circumference of a fixed circle (known as the base). When the vertex lies above the center of the base (i.e., the angle formed by the vertex, base center ...


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